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My son’s got no nose … so how’s he smelling?

…..  not too good actually!

It’s true, despite my having more positive vibes than is good for a person, disaster has befallen the eldest Boo-bubby, who passed out and landed on his nose! It’s not what you think – well, it is if you were thinking that alcohol was  possibly involved: he’s 26 and was having a pint to celebrate moving into his new digs, but if you were thinking that he must have a nose that makes Steve Martin’s look subtle, then you’re wrong: Ben’s nose has always been the smallest little button ever attached to a face, so how on earth could he land on it?   It’s a mystery how it could manage to hit the ground first as he swooned!  However, bounce off the pavement it did and of course, being a fragile piece of face, it’s a clean break, now nicely packaged with what look like tampons!   He lives and works in a different town to home, so we’ve spent much of the day on the phone comparing nose-break stories (he remembers the spectacular fall down the stairs that was responsible for my own D.I.Y rhinoplasty twenty years ago) so we now have a whole new range of humourous conversation opportunities, on the lines of:

Bubby:  “I’m not smelling any better today”

Me: “Don’t worry if it still feels like it’s bleeding, it’s not” (say it quickly and you’ll appreciate the humour – possibly better than he did)!