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Happy New Year!

Check out the very original blog post title!   Inspired writing, at this time of year particularly!   OK,  so a quick update!   The end of last year resulted in my frantically spending every moment trying to finish needlecraft gift items for family and friends – even though I had spent significant chunks of time earlier in the year “getting ahead” for Christmas.  The thing is that I ultimately got behind because:

a) The freelance writing is starting to take off  and I obviously have to spend time nurturing this to build up a client-base!   It’s exciting to be stepping properly into this in 2011!

b)  I kept being diverted from my Christmas gift-making to produce extra essentials for others – much needed gloves, requested tea cosy, hot water bottle covers, that kind of thing!

c) Prolonged motion sickness – head in a bucket job just to walk from one room to another.  Resulted in several bouts of throwing up in the street each time I needed to visit the doctor or pop out for a few festive essentials!  Trouble is, the time of year meant that at best I looked like someone who had seriously overdone the making merry, and at worst a street drinker, junkie or similar unfortunate soul!

Anyway, despite several limiting  factors, including marriage and a new puppy, 2010 was overall quite a productive year which has inspired me further for 2011!  I thought it would be fun to post up weekly projects of what I’m currently making, to share ideas and to perhaps help others to get ahead with easy gift ideas for next year.   So, I’ve started up the new page: Project Calendar 2011 to put extra patterns, pics and details of what I’m doing! Do feel free to check it out and share any comments with me: it’s always useful to know who’s out there and looking.  Any questions about any of the projects are of course welcome, and any suggestions or  exchange of project ideas would be fab!*

* I apologise for “fab” – I made my sisters “retro-hampers” for Christmas, including vintage copies of our  old favourite ‘Jackie’ magazines (circa 1977 and 1979) which, although it gave us great fun on Christmas afternoon, has unfortunately re-introduced an ‘overuse’ of  “fab” into our current vocabulary!   I can’t promise it won’t keep happening!  Oh, and I’m listening to the Bay City Rollers as I write!

Hello world!

So, here goes blogging, days in the life of me…..!

So what’s been happening?

Completed projects this week: baby blanky, cardi,mitts and beanie hat for new arrival yesterday (Welcome Ollie, congrats Emma)!

On-going good works:

Aran jumper for son number 1 (recently back from Brazilian travels and feeling the cold) – not too old at 26 for a mummy hand-knit!

Crochet cushion cover for shabby-chic-ing my living room (starting to create a very cottagey feel in there)!

I’ve searched my stash and identified enough yarn to start my draught excluder for the said living room (cottagey feel includes genuine draughts from the floor boards)!

Is it me, or are sausage dog draught excluders going to be the next big thing?

Happily also, the  summer collection of tea cosies (developed through knitting therapy during recent illness- similar to basket weaving, I guess) have now been passed on to loving homes.  Now pursuing ideas for Christmas /winter type cosies, to add to Christmas hamper presents.