Tree Year 2012

Ok, although the WordPress tree year is no longer running in 2012, I enjoyed the idea and the participation last year, so to keep things going at this end a bit for 2012 I’ve just added a page here to focus on the trees in our garden – particularly as every time I look Himself has planted another one!

To get things started, I’ll focus on our Magnolia tree, which wasn’t planted by us but came along with the house and is a fully established, lovely tree … so established that my brother-in-law (surveyor) constantly tells us off about it’s size and proximity to the house, but so lovely that there’s no way we’ll ever follow his recommendation of “chop it down!”

So to catch up, here’s how the Magnolia’s been looking across January to February 2012!

FEBRUARY 2012: Looking lovely in the snow - a magnificent Magnolia moment!

JANUARY 2012: Ok, so looking more like twigs than tree, but wait until the Spring!

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