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I’ve only gone and done it!

Hmm, it’s true – I’ve bitten a bullet,  jumped a hurdle and faced my demons all in one day (and I didn’t even have porridge this morning)!  Yes, after much thought, deliberation and a significant amount of fear I have taken the self employed step!  I’m not sure how different I feel, and I’m also not sure if the sensations of ‘difference’ are actually due to being on my own feet without the aid of a safety net (anyone who knows me will tell you that standing on my own feet has been a difficulty for several months and usually results in my landing face down in the lettuce patch)!   Alternatively, this tantalising new sensation could be due to the new tablets the doctor put me on (told you I’d have to shell out for a prescription today)!   Either way, I can now write ‘Freelance Writer’ in the occupation box of any future form, most likely to be the batch of lovely forms the tax man is going to send me as part of the ‘welcome’ package!   Still, once that’s out of the way I can actually start writing proper – although the whole writing to order thing for the clients I’ve got can be a bit daunting!  Scary stuff!   Can’t help feeling a bit pleased though!

Hilarious moment with Seamus today – does anyone else’s dog ‘swim’ on dry land: check out his movement across the mat!

Seamus all at sea on the mat

Final thought of the day: did anyone else hear Julian Clary on ‘My teenage diary’ on the radio this evening?   We were listening whilst eating our tea and it was absolutely hilarious and worrying in turn!   I’m not always too keen on him as a comedian but I love him as a person, what a fabulous man he is!   One for the ultimate dinner party list, I’m sure!

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