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A small reprieve for the woodlands!

An update to the Great Woodland Sell-off Crisis: partly in recognition to the massive “don’t touch our woodlands” petition and widespread deep feeling about the issue, the government have put their current sell-off plans on hold for a few months!

Of course, there’s no breath holding going on: it’s likely that in the wake of the very recent high level and high-profile indignation at the government’s determination to consign a whole other civic asset to history- libraries, that they are just keeping their head down for a moment in the hope that we’ll all go away so they can get on with decimating everything we hold dear!   However,the more folk that sign the petition between now and when they press play on the process again, the better, because they are still going at full throttle to change the law that actually paves the way to the sell-off, so anything that can be done to continue to try to defend our country heritage should still be done in the meantime.   If you’d like to sign the petition, or find out more about the campaign, please follow this link to the 38 Degrees website! There, and you thought Himself’d chopped up my soap box for kindling!  Thanks for listening! 🙂