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Chickens and eggs (metaphorically speaking) …

Have had a rocky few days, but the weather at least continues to be kind – although windy, around here!  I’ve finally been able to toddle up the garden and take some photos to update The Quest page.  I’ve gone off that title and I’ve renamed it Country Living? for the moment, trying to find my starting point with it!  Any helpful comments gladly received, it’s lovely to get comments!

The thing is, we’re in a bit of a chicken and egg situation: our roses round the door country cottage in later years is now unlikely to happen –  the unexpected downshift now means that we won’t pay off the mortgage or be able to save anything much before Himself retires.  Ironically though, I will have more time to help get homestead tasks going, until I’m on top of the health situation, I don’t have what’s physically needed to get it all going! And without what I was earning, we won’t have a bean to do it all with!   Still, living old-style now will give us good preparation for living old-style when we’r, er, old(er)!  None of these factors are mutually exclusive and together present what is commonly known in optimistic circles as “‘a challenge” to make the home we now have into our retirement dream cottage.  This is of course unless I write a successful novel or win the lottery – whichever comes soonest or is the most realistic – or is that, least fantastic, daydream?  I guess that would be counting chickens there,  to continue the chicken analogy!

Of course I’m very aware of the fact that we are amazingly lucky- we do have a great house that can adapt into ‘dotage cottage’ along with us, and we will have huge fun rising to the challenge.  The garden issue does remain a quest indeed, but where there’s a quest there’s a hero waiting to prove himself,  so I guess Himself can be well cast into the hero role -not sure heroes hoik their trousers up under macho armpits before yomping off into the wilderness though!   The Country Living? page will carry the updates of his quest to allotmentise the hard standing at the bottom of the garden, plus conquests of dragons and what nots!

Meanwhile, enjoying the potent days of Autumn when the weather’s on-side, I found the spottiest ladybird ever.  The pictures a bit rubbish – not sure if the camera was out of focus or me, but I love the colours and the spots!

Spotted a ladybird

Hello world!

So, here goes blogging, days in the life of me…..!

So what’s been happening?

Completed projects this week: baby blanky, cardi,mitts and beanie hat for new arrival yesterday (Welcome Ollie, congrats Emma)!

On-going good works:

Aran jumper for son number 1 (recently back from Brazilian travels and feeling the cold) – not too old at 26 for a mummy hand-knit!

Crochet cushion cover for shabby-chic-ing my living room (starting to create a very cottagey feel in there)!

I’ve searched my stash and identified enough yarn to start my draught excluder for the said living room (cottagey feel includes genuine draughts from the floor boards)!

Is it me, or are sausage dog draught excluders going to be the next big thing?

Happily also, the  summer collection of tea cosies (developed through knitting therapy during recent illness- similar to basket weaving, I guess) have now been passed on to loving homes.  Now pursuing ideas for Christmas /winter type cosies, to add to Christmas hamper presents.