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Book club anyone?

Is anyone getting the chance to read much lately?  I’m tending to flit about a bit myself, between different books and my ‘must read soon’ pile aside the bed is getting close to becoming a handy bedside table for my morning cuppa (I just have to train Himself to bring me one)!

I’m an honourary member of my sister-in-law’s book  club, which is great but as 60 miles separates us I’ve been thinking about virtual opportunities for book-clubbing (likely to be the only kind of clubbing that’s ahead of me, thanks to the latest birthday)!   Still, checkout the new Virtual Book Club page and if anyone has any thoughts or wants to get involved, we could give it a go!

Tree Year and saving trees, plus nose news is good news!

First up:  I’ve managed to dodge the showers to take photos of my trees for the tree year – at least the triple apple will be well watered in by the time this weather’s finished!   So, here’s the birthday tree, complete with birthday ribbon and bit of carpet to stop Seamus digging it up (seeing as it looks rather like a very large stick)!:

Here’s a close up to the only bud I can find so far, but it’s safe to say that I have high expectations of it!

Secondly, we have the Mimosa tree, which is just a couple of months off of flowering (you can also see it behind the apple tree).   It’s flowers got a bit lost last year because of the weather, it suffered quite badly from the outdoor equivalent of freezer burn, which I guess is frost-bite for trees (I’m no horty culture -ist I can tell you – or is it botanist for trees?  I guess my point is made either way).

Mimosa in the South of England!I’ll try to find its better side by the next photo!

Whilst we’re on the subject of trees, please take the time to check out the petition for the sake of all trees, that Himself and I have signed tonight.  It’s against the government’s proposal to sell off national woodlands and forests, so do check it out if you are interested in trees, saving the planet, preserving our nation’s heritage, conserving the habitats of local critters or hating a bureaucracy who are so short-sighted about cuts that they can’t see the wood for the trees – any of these are more than good enough reasons!   You can find details here at the 38 Degrees website, a group partly founded in honour of Anita Roddick and whose aim is to amplify those individual voices of us small people by bringing them together to be loud  to be heard about those issues that really count.  No heavy politics (them or me) just a need not to be ignored on issues that do matter, like our lovely trees.

And finally, the nose is not smelling any better but is on the mend,which is good news.  The poor boy’s had a quiet day resting it today but is back to work tomorrow for a bit, so all’s as well as it can be there!

Post a day? That’s another challenge failed then!

Ok, so I’ve managed to be unsuccessful in posting daily – somehow daily life just cuts across things too much.   Although, in the spirit of all things positive, I have probably still managed to post more already in 2011 than I did in 2010!

High spots since last post:

:o) Allotment plans all looking good- hopefully going up there next weekend: this weekend’s full of post-birthday catching up with visitors and such, so no chance of getting my wellies out just yet!

:o) My birthday present from Himself has arrived and is …. an apple tree!   One of the multi-fruiting variety, three different apples from the same tree.   Ceremonial planting took place this afternoon,  complete with hip flask of home-made sloe gin (the actual gin wasn’t home made, well not at our home but Mr.Lidl’s – we’re not quite that self-sufficient yet, but the whole adding fruit bit was very much done here, very lovingly and on a one-for-the demi-john-one-for-me gin allocation basis last October) – all good but probably single handedly responsible for the fact that I now have blood pressure at a very tender age!   Now just have to stop dogs causing havoc to the tree before it takes root!   Unhappily we won’t be able to allow it to fruit this year, so the chutney cauldron will have to make do with the fruit of the old tree and my haphazard courgette growing, but in the meantime am going to take a leaf from Mo’s book (well, blog, thank you Mo x) and use the birthday tree as my Tree Year tree!    I was also thinking of doing our Mimosa tree as this is quite an unusual one for the South of England!   May get my camera out again tomorrow!

:o)  Lovey birthday dinner out with Himself yesterday.   Was all very lovely until an old man arrived for the party dinner at the table next to us.  He wobbled a bit on the small step down to our cosy nook and then farted like a fog horn at the shock of the wobble! We were mortified on his behalf (fortunate really because he seemed entirely unbothered by his mis-timed trumpet heralding his arrival).   We did try to be mature about it but for all of my significant years of age I have still hung around with far too many 12 year olds (oh happy classroom days), although happily we did manage not to laugh out loud.   Have to say, put me off my spinach and ricotta crepes a bit!

Low spots since last post:

:o)   None, such is the power of positive thinking coupled with the ability to find fun in the simplest things, such as Himself and other people’s unfortunate incidents in public places!

Older and wiser?

Have I failed in the postaday2011, because I had to miss a day? I’m still aiming to try to post a day, but as with all things, I sometimes really fail to meet the moment!   Will an update from yesterday’s thoughts and actions suffice?

So then, from yesterday’s movements (as it were) … retro moments continued last night -watched City Slickers on DVD, now a fabulous 20 years young!   It’s a funny film to watch just before one’s birthday (yes the countdown has begun) and even more bizarre when I remember watching the film years ago and whilst Billy Crystal was angst-ing over that whole ‘being 39’ thing, I was smugly content that the whole issue was light-years away for me!   Bit of a shock then to re-live that moment yesterday and realise that whilst he – at least in that captured celluloid, dvd or whatever it is moment -will be eternally only 39, I have galloped way past that and am now considering the age of 39 with a tinge of nostalgia in the same way that I enjoyed the Jackie mags with my sisters over Christmas-time.