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Long time, no blogging!

I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since I was last in action with this blog – it’s not that I haven’t wanted to ‘stay in touch’, it’s just that life has overtaken things for a bit.  Because the twist and turns on the slippery slope of life have meant a few complications, not least health-wise, a year on it now appears more important than ever to get to grips with our down-shift and it seems useful to try to record this in some way to share info with family and friends from afar!

So, there’s no way I can really catch everyone up with the highs and lows of the last year apart from to say that we are all a little older but little farther on with any of the down-shift at all – The Quest still continues!  I’ll just have to jump in from here with keeping everything up to date with our on-going attempts at frugality = fun, downshift = more time, less hassles; simple = less stressful!

So, where to start?  Just generally getting the blog in order I guess, so today I’ve started off with an update on our Tree Year participation, with a page on this blog now dedicated to our trees which, along with the dogs, are proving to be the most reliable and calming influences our lives at the moment (and considerably less smelly than the dogs, it has to be said)!   It seems apt to start with the trees, something to do with idioms about oaks and acorns, I guess, makes it a good enough place to start.  Hope everyone’s fine 🙂 X

On-going growing, all older, wiser and shrugging off whatever the weather of life throws at us 🙂

Dedicated to downshifting

Crickey, it’s the last day of September already, I really should try to get to grips with things properly now.  Health worries have cut across ‘ordinary’ work,  so aiming to at least keep the grey matter and limbs in working order through preparing (on good days) for the downshift of lifestyle that the said ‘health issues’ dictate are very likely to be necessary.

So, today a list of done and doing to prepare for downshifting:

1) Try not to panic about the money (on-going, every hour, making my own head hurt).

2) Join helpful sites such as Money Saving Sxpert (done, very helpful site)!


3) Train Seamus and Boo to eat less expensive dog food – including curbing Seamus’s current appetite socks and slippers (on-going, gradually introducing cheaper brands: food, not socks and slippers).

4) Train Himself and various offspring to eat less expensive  food (on-going, depending on success (1) of may link to (3) above,could save a fortune)!

5) Try to be more self-sufficient (have started on this but this is directly affected by health, on good days I can do very well with this, on bad days there is nothing sufficient about me!)

6) Get this freezing cold house insulated before the winter (all in hand, should be done tomorrow: “yay” to warmth and cutting down on heating bills, “d’oh” to mess and noise to be made between now and newly insulated house! Have been instructed by Himself to shut myself away and shout instructions to the men from the comfort of the sofa – he’d better hope I don’t get too used to that)!

The irony is, of course that being off sick is giving me the time, as and when I feel up to it, to address some of these issues (organising the insulation is a good case in point) in order to prepare for a more frugal lifestyle that may come about because of being less able to work the hours and profession that have had a direct impact on my health.

Having this window of time has been a good chance to stand back and look at what’s important.   I’ve always been a simple pleasures, make do and mend kind of person, so downshifting will just be a chance to be myself, instead of  some exhausted professional robot, I guess.    There are loads of books out there on the subject, so going to add a book list somewhere at some point, if it helps anyone else!

Anyway, October tomorrow, first downshifting Autumn!

BTW: Himself bought me some get-well roses, they’re gorgeous!