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Still no heating on …!

It appears that the insulation is working!  Feeling more than a little bit pleased really, that it’s now the 5th October and I haven’t succumbed to flicking the old ‘heating on’ switch on the boiler!  It’s probably psychosomatic (or some such spelling) but the house does feel warmer since Friday, even though the weather has deteriorated!

We’ve just about put the house back to rights, no mean feat as I was unwell and Himself was, well, Himself really!  He did do the hoovering and chopped some kindling in preparation for lighting fires as a preventative measure against putting the actual radiators on.  Either that or he really wants his crumpets toasting old-style (ooer)!

The idea, be-fitting the whole essence of downshifting and economising in the use of our own (fiscal) and the world’s (environmental) resources, is that we try to get through October without cranking up the boiler, which is fine – the calendar, clocks-going-back deadline.  I’d sort of prefer to let nature set the deadline a bit though.  You see, next door has a cherry tree which overhangs us.  Among all of the run-of-the-mill cherry leaves, there is a fantastic leaf of individual colour and quality.  It seems to be flouting the ‘wait for everyone else’ rule and is flaunting its early-in-the-season colour, and as such is displaying a gorgeous red / orange, quite astonishing among the uniform green of its companions.  My theory is that this leaf is my herald of Autumn and so the heating should not go on until it falls from the tree, thus heralding the onset of winter and ceremonial on-switching of the heating.  So, two deadlines, we shall have to see!

Trying to get a photo of it, but with the effort needed am likely to:

(a) drop camera out of the window (b) fall from window myself (c) both

Incidentally, I found a useful site relating to downshifting etc, which included advice about taking action such as insulation as part of a downshift – in at number two in the charts, no less!  I allowed Himself to have a smug moment at the news!