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oooh,my first moral dilemma of 2011

Now then, I have my first moral dilemma of 2011 (so obviously I’ve been very saintly so far)!   The postman came today and delivered a little jiffy package.  Goody, I thought, as I was expecting a small item still outstanding from Christmas shopping.

On close inspection, the package had my first name written in full (although spelled wrongly, but this was no matter – many people get it wrong, including members of my own family, sigh) but the surname was not right at all although I’m quite used to people also getting the surname wrong when  I make online purchases, especially as my surname changed within the last year – bizzarely the surname given could vaguely sound like a cross between both my old and new name!   The address was perfectly correct including the postcode (I always check this as where I live is XXX Avenue, whilst there’s also a XXXX Road in the town – if the postcode’s right I know that it’s intended for the Avenue).

So, I opened it and found inside a Xmas present, without label (feels distinctly like a DVD to me).  There was a scribble on the back of the envelope which I then found which read;

“Sorry it’s a little late- actually that’s a lie, it’s late and  I don’t care that it is!! Enjoy! Giles x”

Now, I don’t know any Giles and could find no return address so I don’t know what to do, seems wrong to keep it but can’t pass it on (the name is definitely not that of the lady we bought the house from).

So, do I open it or don’t I?