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Allotment a-go-go

Hurrah!   Himself has decided that we should take up the offer of the half allotment as a temporary plan B (reference The Quest), so it’s all systems go when the rain  stops!   He’s hoping that being part of an allotment community will give us access to group discounts on seeds and whatnot, whilst I’m hoping that it’ll give him another place to stick his free manure (as it were)!

I am pondering the kind advice in respect of the gift that belongs to another, and I am considering opening it on my birthday next week, in the absence of any further correspondence from the mysterious Giles!   Incidentally, is it just me or is Giles a bit of a let down as the name of a man sending mystery gifts -shouldn’t he be more of an Adam, or even a Clint or Heathcliff ? Apologies Giles Coren and anyone reading this who’s called Giles or has bestowed this name on their son, but it just doesn’t fit the persona I appear to be creating here as I ponder the mysterious delights of the postal system!


Hmmm – more gifts today!

Well, for the interested few, I still haven’t unwrapped the gift, feeling a bit ooo-er about it!    Am willing to submit myself to public consensus so I’ve been trying to insert a poll into ma posts but have been unsuccessful so far!   Trying again now.

Where’s the poll gone?

Still – today bought more gifts.   The magazine subscription bought for me by Himself has finally arrived, so he is now cuddled up reading it, hmm.

Anyway, remember The Quest – our constant pursuit to be more self-sufficient and recreate our homestead as something of a tinyholding (the smallest type of smallholding), on a tiny type of budget?   Happily we’ve already achieved that country-type smell, despite living in town, as Himself happily covered the garden in several sacks full of free horse manure last weekend and it’s constantly rained since, so basically the garden is a pool of liquid excrement, which the dogs are happily playing in then running back through the house!   Still, in respect of The Quest, the best gift of the day has been the offer of half an allotment just down by the local park -an elderly family member wants to downsize what he’s doing so he’s offered us the chance of using his ‘spare bit’ in the absence  of any real progress on what would be the growing area of our garden!

Himself is thinking about it, whilst he’s reading my Christmas present.   Kindly, he is reading extracts out from it to me – I feel another hmmm coming on!

oooh,my first moral dilemma of 2011

Now then, I have my first moral dilemma of 2011 (so obviously I’ve been very saintly so far)!   The postman came today and delivered a little jiffy package.  Goody, I thought, as I was expecting a small item still outstanding from Christmas shopping.

On close inspection, the package had my first name written in full (although spelled wrongly, but this was no matter – many people get it wrong, including members of my own family, sigh) but the surname was not right at all although I’m quite used to people also getting the surname wrong when  I make online purchases, especially as my surname changed within the last year – bizzarely the surname given could vaguely sound like a cross between both my old and new name!   The address was perfectly correct including the postcode (I always check this as where I live is XXX Avenue, whilst there’s also a XXXX Road in the town – if the postcode’s right I know that it’s intended for the Avenue).

So, I opened it and found inside a Xmas present, without label (feels distinctly like a DVD to me).  There was a scribble on the back of the envelope which I then found which read;

“Sorry it’s a little late- actually that’s a lie, it’s late and  I don’t care that it is!! Enjoy! Giles x”

Now, I don’t know any Giles and could find no return address so I don’t know what to do, seems wrong to keep it but can’t pass it on (the name is definitely not that of the lady we bought the house from).

So, do I open it or don’t I?



Talk or text?

It has to be talk: everything else, including speaking on the phone can be misinterpreted without the non-verbal signals that come with a conversation – for me it’s all about these non-verbal signals, intentional or not, which tell you the whole truth about what’s being said or indeed the reality of what’s not being said.

It could be  that I’m just used to most people making gestures at me, of course!

Getting into it!

So, in the spirit of trying to get into the writing mode, I’ve been checking out Word Press’s Post A Day Challenge for 2011!   Obviously I’m already behind because I missed that vital 1st January posting, but it’ not about having to play catch up … but about starting from where I am, right?  So, I’ll give the Post A Day challenge a go and see how I go.    The thing is though that I like to put pics with my posts but don’t always have the time to do this (or I have camera-battery related hassles as anyone who’s every used a battery operated camera will know about) and that’s what stops me from posting sometimes!   So, today a pic-less post, if that’s OK?

Today’s highlight has to be that the hat and scarf (see Project Challenge 2011) had its first outing when we took the dogs out!   There was actually a bit of snow coming down so it was a great excuse to snuggle up into my fresh new knitwear.  However, because I am not accustomed to hats, I had to ask the question of Himself:  “does this make my head look a funny shape?”   To which he replied: ” the hat doesn’t do anything, it’s just that your head is a funny shape!”  So there we have it, don’t fish for compliments.   Of course what he is forgetting is that I am knitting him another hat too, which could  accidentally-on purpose come out in a very odd shape indeed!

Incidentally, in terms of being frugal I have not yet spent a penny in 2011!   This may be a record!   I need to celebrate this fact today because I’ve got the doctor’s again tomorrow so I’ll end up paying out for a hefty prescription afterwards, but at least for today here’s to having achieved three no spend days in 2011!