Better late than never!

Crikey, just realised this is my first post in February: clearly I’ve lapsed slightly on the whole postaday challenge, still it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy, would it?

So, news, views and updates:

  • Re: my post on Woodland sell-off: our local MP voted to sell them all: how is that representing the constituents (I guess I’d be even more cross if I had actually voted for her)!  So, I have sent a strongly worded email based on the mildly worded email suggested by 38 Degrees.   Himself did similar, seriously, we sat like Mr. and Mrs. Angry sounding off into the ether: what a team!  (team of what I’m not quite sure though)!
  • Managed to grab a walk in the sunshine today with youngest Boo-bunny and the dogs.   Not only did we get what felt like the first spring-like day of the year, but we also spotted crocuses and snowdrops in the little park we frequent!  Of course I forgot to take the camera, so can’t post a pic but health and weather permitting will try to do that tomorrow!
  • Little action in respect of allotment although lots of conversations involving online garden porn and seed catalogues.  Even less action on the hard standing at the bottom of the garden, although we’re getting a few bits done in the main garden (must take photos).
  • Seamus has started cocking his leg.   Apparently this means he’s matured enough for a little operation.  Himself insists that he could do the op himself with a couple of bricks, but I assume he’s joking as I anxiously put aside every pound coin I get (only £109 more to go)!   It seems a shame really, Seamus has only just grown the pair and here we are plotting their swift removal!   Provisionally booked in for April (in the hope of saving up by then) so look forward to some colourful posting then!
  • Project calendar is also not up to date, I know .. all work in progress!

One thought on “Better late than never!

  1. Welcome to February 🙂 Poor Seamus! Guys always joke about the two bricks – I wonder how many could actually see the deed through? I bet he’ll be wincing when Seamus comes home without his crown jewels…..

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