It’s my birthday!

Well, it’s here, another birthday closer to retirement!

For those who have been waiting with ill-concealed excitement, I have opened the mystery parcel and found it to contain a ‘Making of Jaws’ DVD – very spooky as Himself will tell you that Jaws came up over the festive season, when he refused to make the most of a chance to watch it with me … something on the lines of already spending an evening with one great white with a big mouth being enough for anyone!   Hmmm, haven’t put on that much weight and it wasn’t me who ate the rest of the Quality Street!

Saying it with flowers!


Anyway, he is clearly working towards redeeming himself by leaving me a big bunch of roses and a cuppa to wake up to this morning (what a sweetie)!   I really do love roses and it’s been great having them alongside me whilst I work today.



Unfortunately for Himself, as well as working, I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking today (well, birthdays will do that to you).   I was thinking that as the plan B for The Quest has taken a new turn, this now makes room for a plan C, with C for chickens – what a great way to put the hardstanding to use for the time being!   Trouble is, I’m given to understand that this is a very Guardian-reader thing to do and Himself and I have this issue (he is of the Guardian kind and I’m, well, not), yet I know he’s the one that just won’t want the little cluckers!   Ideas please on how to convince Himself that it’s an excellent plan, without ending up with egg on my face?

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3 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Hi ,
    Well, let me first wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Glad I stopped by…
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