Older and wiser?

Have I failed in the postaday2011, because I had to miss a day? I’m still aiming to try to post a day, but as with all things, I sometimes really fail to meet the moment!   Will an update from yesterday’s thoughts and actions suffice?

So then, from yesterday’s movements (as it were) … retro moments continued last night -watched City Slickers on DVD, now a fabulous 20 years young!   It’s a funny film to watch just before one’s birthday (yes the countdown has begun) and even more bizarre when I remember watching the film years ago and whilst Billy Crystal was angst-ing over that whole ‘being 39’ thing, I was smugly content that the whole issue was light-years away for me!   Bit of a shock then to re-live that moment yesterday and realise that whilst he – at least in that captured celluloid, dvd or whatever it is moment -will be eternally only 39, I have galloped way past that and am now considering the age of 39 with a tinge of nostalgia in the same way that I enjoyed the Jackie mags with my sisters over Christmas-time.



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